I have anpther couple of websites worth visiting. A christmas countdown one called www.2512.uk and my personal one of www.Astrofuck,com.

Page 2 Scoop of the day!! "I used to call James Custard Moonboots and I think that's where this came from!" Custard Moonboots do look incredible :) 

Snowy Times Brrrr

NEWSFLASH Moonboots is back with the wonders of Moonboots.co.uk

It’s just the beginning and will lead to other fun websites!

Snoopy wears snow boots!!!

SnowyPoetry Section! "I fill my boots with custard that makes them complete, they glow all warm and yellow...... but feel funny on your feet! - James Gillespie :)

Paperboy shouts "Stop the press!! The Moonboots news is in and you need to read it today!" Only 3 snow balls to buy it now!

Welcome to Moonboots.co.uk! Are you looking for for the best place to buy the stylish and funky Moonboot in the UK? Then try HERE :)

Whether you're looking for Mens, Womens or Childrens Boots that is the place to go!

Once you've tried an official Moon-boot you will never wear any other winter boot!

Everyone should own at least one pair of snow boots!

Did you know?

On 20th July 1969: Giancarlo Zanatta, after watching the lunar landing and being inspired by the shape and technology of the astronauts' boots, drew sketches and then began to design and develop the Original Moon Boot.

Since the early '70s, the Moon Boot represents the symbol of irony, fashion & design. The boot became a notable fashion trend throughout the ‘80s.

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